All of page and moyse food is made in a kitchen that handles the Top 14 Allergens as listed below

We do not have a seperate designated area to produce food that is free from all allergens and are therefore  unable to guarantee that all our food will be completley allergen free 

If you have a severe allergy in particular to nuts / or peanuts / gluten please conatct us for further information

Any suppliers that we use also supply us with a updated allergen sheet where required

We are happy to provide a full list of the ingredients contained within our menus on request, an allergen sheet will be provided for all food on a delivery   

Top 14 Allergens 


Cereals containing Gluten, this includes wheat, rye, barley, and oats

crustaceans , crabs, lobsters,prawns and scampi



Lupin ( lupin is a actually a flower ) found in bread, pastry and pasta


Molluscs, mussels, land snails,squid, and whelks


Nuts (tree Nuts  Almonds, hazelnuts,brazil,cashew,pecan nuts 

Peanuts ( know as the groundnut  is actually a legume found in biscuits,cakes, curries,

Seasame seeds

Soya,  bean curd, and tofu,meat products

Suphur Dioxide used in dried fruit, wine and beer

For further rescources on allergens can be found at