Wedding Food Trends

Posted: 11th February 2017

Wedding Food Trends

Fantastic Ingredients

Localy sourced ingredients such as artisan breads, cheeses,meats and sustainably caught seafood are the key to great tasting food. It is also a lovely touch if you can include the provence of what is on the menu for your guests.

Sharing Platters

Choosing a sharing platter for the main course is very popular at the moment.It adds great conversation while providing a filling feast and looks lovely when layed out for guests to help themselves.

There are many ways to present the food, wooden boards, kilner jars or slate boards. A delicious array of Italian meats, cheeses and mediterranean vegetables all presented in a rustic styleAlternatively you could have sharing platters of roasted meats or prehaps roasted chicken with wonderful fresh seasonal herbs and lemons.

Food with a special story

Many couples want the food to reflect them .Personalising your menu to reflect the food that’s been important to you maybe a favoutite dish that you had on your first date or a dish you both just love to cook.

Dessert Tables

Mini desserts are a great way for your guests to try several diffrent desserts.A selection of small bite sized sweet treats are artistically set out on tables for guests to help themselves too. Mini chocolate brownies, summer fruit jelly, syllabubs and possets,eton mess are all very popular choices.

A current favourite trend in America at the moment is a donut bar and although it is yet to take off here it would make for a wonderfull and colourfull display and a great talking point.

Wedding Cakes

Naked cakes are still extremley popular but there is a new trend towards a wedding cake made of cheese.

So before you start  testing chocolate ,lemon and a classic vanilla sponges you may consider having a cheese tower instead.If you love cheese more than fruit cake and you would like to make a very different visual stament this may be the alternative you are looking for.