Seville Orange Marmalde

Posted: 8th February 2016

Seville Oranges are available  for a few  short weeks from mid January to the middle of February.

Every year it is our family tradition to make this marmalade. The oranges are a little mishapen and are very high in pectin so perfect for this preserve.

You can buy the oranges from a good greengroccers like Market hill in Newport Pagnell. some of the supermarkets do stock them namely Waitrose as they are more of a specilaist ingrediant.

Of course you can also make marmalde with lots of other fruits like blood oranges which are in season at the moment, grapfruits,lemons and limes .

You can use recycled jam jars if you wish which keeps the cost down,however you must make sure that the jars you use are very clean with no cracks or chips in them otherwise they can harbour bacteria.

To clean recycled jars immerse them in hot soapy boiling water first to remove lables.They then must be cleaned and dried throughly and dried in a low oven.Or alternatively you can put them though your dishwasher on a hot cycle.

Lids that come with most jars today have a plastic lining and twist on and off so are perfect to give a really good seal.

If you dont have any jam jars to hand you can of course buy purchase them online. These can be re- used again unless you give away all your preserve which I have done in the past.

Follow the link below for a recommednded company that I like to use .

If you would like to have ago at making this wonderfull preserve I recommended this recipe by Pam Corbin.